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Editorial Book Reviews of Success Through Diversity

Written by Carol Fulp


Success Through Diversity's Impact From Experts

“Carol Fulp is an adviser to CEOs and senior executives on diversity, inclusion, and culture. In "Success Through Diversity," she shares her top advice on how leaders can hire, retain, and promote more diverse talent. She argues that corporate executives need to switch their thinking from having diversity as a "nice to have" to realizing, in her words, it's "do or die" for business success.”

World Economic Forum 

In her book Success Through Diversity, author Carol Fulp shares Mattel’s strategy in evolving their Barbie doll brand by creating more diversity and inclusivity. By sharply increasing the diversity of the product line, sales grew to the highest in five years. This and other examples shared in the book validate that products that reflect and attract the broad diversity of the marketplace are the key to success.

Vogue France

“Business leaders and those in education will find these stories inspirational and will learn tactics they can apply in their lives.”


“Convincing and sorely needed work . . . Fulp’s book gives businesspeople the tools they need to prepare for an ever more ethnically and racially diverse society.”

Publishers Weekly

“Success Through Diversity‎ is an eloquent and persuasive argument for tapping the power of difference to stimulate creativity and innovation. Carol Fulp’s compelling stories of individuals and companies give a human face to the statistics about diversity of thought and higher performance. This timely book will help leaders of all kinds envision and implement positive workplaces for the future.”

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School Professor and best-selling author of Confidence, SuperCorp, The Change Masters, and Men and Women of the Corporation

“Carol Fulp brings her considerable experience to bear in this thoughtful analysis and blueprint for creating truly diverse, inclusive, and effective communities, be they workplaces or learning environments.”

Paula A. Johnson, President of Wellesley College

“Required reading for learning how diversity can promote not just business success but civic responsibility as well. Carol Fulp points the way with a win-win blueprint for corporate executives, public sector officials, and, most importantly, every citizen.”

Kenneth R. Feinberg, Former Administrator of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

“A book with a lot to teach us about how to build successful workplaces and organizational communities: required reading in my book.”

David A. Thomas, President of Morehouse College

“This is the one book every CEO needs to read to understand what diversity offers them.”

Corey Thomas, CEO of Rapid7

“While corporate greed and malfeasance may dominate the news headlines, this book reminds us that our most admired companies harness the power of difference to create innovative, vibrant, and dynamic organizations. [This book] tells how we can do well by doing right.”

Deval Patrick, from the Foreword | Former Governor of Massachusetts, Bain Capital Managing Director, and U.S. Presidential Candidate

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