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Diversity Thought Leader,

National Speaker, and 

Consultant to CEOs In 

Advancing Organizational Inclusion

Fulp Diversity assists you in creating more equitable and inclusive organizations, where everyone feels they belong.

Fulp Diversity partners with you in these ever-changing times to create more inclusive and innovative organizations. Carol Fulp works with executives to establish business cultures that will attract and retain the best talent of all kinds.


She is a strategic advisor who helps executives deeply embed inclusion in their organizations, improving businesses both internally and externally to remain competitive now and well into the future.


Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

Through the Race and Gender Project, we help CEOs drive essential cultural advancement of diversity, inclusion, and belongingness in their organizations.

Business Meeting


In our fast-changing demographic landscape, companies that proactively embrace diversity in all areas of their operations will be best poised to thrive.


In her book, Carol Fulp explores staffing trends in the US and provides a blueprint for what businesses must do to maintain their competitiveness and customer base. 


Her blueprint includes new ways to hire, pull managers together around diversity, new kinds of leadership development, and engage employees to embrace differences. 

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Carol has been enormously impactful in guiding our entire company to establish and reach concrete goals on diversity and inclusion. On a one-on-one level, I have never had a meeting with her where I don't come away with wise counsel that I immediately apply in my day-to-day management.


Rick Berke, Co-founder & Executive Editor, STAT News

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